Last updated on October 15th, 2019


This is a page inspired by Derek Sivers. Thank you Derek!

This update was 15th October 2019.

  1. I’m seriously looking into ways to increase my productivity in writing blog posts. I hope to write a certain amount of words daily, but it’s so hard to be done with other commitments. I’m currently using Simple Note for ideas gathering and Notion for my blog posts organizing system. Do you use them too? Give me a tweet on Twitter.
  2. I’m still scheduling bite-sized medical revision info at @WhiteCoatBites (Follow to get a tweet daily for revision at no cost!). After committing to consistently post tweets, the account has grown up to more than 1.4k followers now. Truly mindblowing and unexpected. Thanks for following!
  3. I am also working on the other arms of the White Coat Bites project: pinning revision material for medical students to the White Coat Bites Pinterest boards, and also curating emails for the White Coat Bites email series subscriber. Enter your email address at the sidebar to get started!
  4. I’m using the Anki system to help me learn ECG. Yep, flashcards to revise on ECG. Will be writing a post about it in the future.
  5. I’m into pen and ink! Still practising on how to draw trees, flowers, rocks, but aiming to urban sketch using pen and ink soon. If you are a pen and ink lover too, let’s connect at Instagram!


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