The White Coat Bites Project

Last updated on September 28th, 2020

How to use White Coat Bites to Make Medical School Fun

The White Coat Bites Project

I started the White Coat Bites project as a personal project in 2018. I felt that good resources for medical students are under-distributed and disorganized.

There are so many tutorial articles well-written, and so many illustrations / videos that explained concepts a lot more better than a lecture on the internet. However, it was buried under the 100 pages of internet / search results – medical students didn’t have the chance to use them.

A thought popped up and got me started with this project: “I can try using e-mails and social media to share all these to medical students!” And that’s how I started White Coat Bites.

Join my project and make medical school a little more fun (and stress-free)!

How to benefit most from White Coat Bites:

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Learn more of the project below!

The Email Series

I send out White Coat Bites as a monthly email to medical students.

Looking back the years being a medical student, I was stressed out facing the enormous sea of medical knowledge. I had little guidance in approach or useful tools to tackle medical concepts.

I had problems in understanding them at the first go – reading long paragraphs with jargon (which I vaguely remember their definition) didn’t help at all.

Later on, I discovered tools and guides that made medical school a lot more fun. And I want to pay it forward and share them with you!

Sign up for White Coat Bites email series and receive emails covering short tips on:

  • Medical school study guides
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… that I don’t publish elsewhere on social media / the blog.

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The Twitter Daily Bite

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The Pinterest Library of Illustrations

I use Pinterest as a picture library for my medical school. I organize useful medical resources and pin them to the boards at White Coat Bites according to specialty / rotation.

Follow White Coat Bites on Pinterest to let pictures help you in understanding medical concepts!

I hope you enjoy White Coat Bites! Suggestion, comments are welcomed!

Note: White Coat Bites Project is entirely free for everyone.

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