Last updated on October 15th, 2019

Jenne in 10 seconds

Life evolves around medicine & code, interested in architectural photography, web development, infographics, urban sketching & reading.

My why

I use this website as a platform to write down my ideas, code them into posts, create some infographics and let that roll into the world.

But what about the reason behind all the writing? I started to think about it seriously after I heard about Simon Sinek, on his talk on finding a purpose for what you work on.

He said, “Imagine a world where people wake up and feel motivated to go to work..”

My version of it will be:

Imagine a world where people share information & experiences openly.

Imagine a world where people are not afraid of their disease because they know, if they want, someone is ready to answer their doubts – someone who had experience living with the disease, ready to take them through how does it feel like to have your appendix removed, what should you watch out when you’re on treatment etc.

Imagine a world where people document down their experience of doing something.

Documenting their experience learning to blog, code, cook, memorize the cranial nerves and share it publicly.

“Hey, you have a question on this? I have a guide that I prepared when I was going through the same question, here you go.”

The internet is made to bring people closer.

Since everyone has the freedom to share, everyone should be given the freedom to access information. Quality information.

Why I start

This blog had the articles that I want to read but can’t find on the web.

When I am in despair knowing my father had IPF, I’m looking for a blog or website that tells us what to expect that in Malaysia.

When I am looking for the respected Prof. Emeritus T. J. Danaraj online, I’m looking for a website that’s well designed that tells me about him.

When I find a lot of medical information circulating around and difficult to decide which has the most credibility, I hope to see a well-researched blog post by a person, not a company or agency, recommending the trusted information that we can read wholeheartedly.

I am looking for blogs that explain something so nicely that more people can understand them.

When I was a medical student and struggled hard to understand some concepts, I am looking for a blog written as “The dummy guide to understanding …”.

What you’ll read here

I created this website in Feb 2017 to first write about my father’s journey living with IPF.

This is also the home to the White Coat Bites Project which I started to introduce social media and email series as a way to make learning medicine a little more fun.

Slowly, one thing leads to another, and now I write more on topics about medicine and the projects I’m working on after work, under my white coat such as coding and art.

I write about lessons I learned along the way I advance through life, ideas I kept for months before I had the courage to write it out and publish it, things that had worked for me or ruined me.

It’s from my eyes and under my white coat, it might (and should) be different for you.

Who is this for?

I dedicate the articles to you, the lost medical student who’s overwhelmed by the medical school and hoping to find some ways to guide, the eager someone hoping to find more to read about medicine and the curious one who clicked on the link to this blog and want to find out more.

See you on the next article!



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I do not update this About page often, but I update my Now Page half yearly to reflect the things that I’m working on. The page is inspired by Derek Sivers. If you have a website or personal blog, do consider adding a now page to your site!

Important disclaimer:

– Articles written on this site ( are created for informational purposes only. These articles are not intended to be substitutes for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider with any question you have.
– The information / source I use on this site are correct at the time of publishing / from what I understood as a learner in medicine. I’m a human who is prone to errors and still have a ton to learn about medicine. I’d appreciate it if you could point out any dated information by commenting / emailing me @!